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All Saints’ Bells and Bell Ringers

All Saints parish church is blessed with a wonderful set of bells and dedicated ringers.

Bell ringing is offered as praise to God and an invitation to all who can hear them to join with the worship of God. Bells also ring out to mark our times of celebration and commemoration, for weddings, funerals and national events. Whilst we have many modern ways of communicating the service times and other events, the centuries-old sound of bells remains an important way of announcing the presence of God with us all, both within and beyond the walls of the church.

We practice on Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.00pm (except the last Tuesday in January (AGM) and Holy Week), and we ring on Sundays at 10.00am for the 10.45am service except the third Sunday when we ring at 9.00am for the 9.30am service.

There are 10 Bells, the tenor weighing 31½ cwt.

We are always interested in meeting and teaching anyone who would like to learn to ring our church bells. It doesn’t matter what he you are, adults and young people are all welcome. This ancient art will only continue if we pass it on to others and to another generation.

Anyone can become a bell ringer! Ringing is well within the capabilities of virtually everyone.

Visit our website at: or contact via Email.

Andrew Brewster (Tower Captain)