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Healing ministry

Healing and wholeness was at the heart of Jesus’ own ministry on earth. We all carry with us burdens of grief, pain and sin. You are welcome to come in during the day, share in the silence, light a candle and pray.

Sometimes it helps to come to a service where someone can pray with you and for you. They will lay their hands on your head or shoulder as they pray. Such personal contact expresses their focussed attention and the assurance of the presence and love of the Christian community who are holding you in God’s love.

Anointing by a priest may also be part of this ministry. The priest will trace onto your palms the sign of the cross with olive oil (which is blessed by the Bishop in the Cathedral each Maunday Thursday). This is a sign of God’s comforting, soothing presence. A sign that at the deepest level God knows you and your suffering and need.

Healing prayers can be offered for people who are unwell or who have any kind of problem or trouble.

It is also common practice to receive this ministry on behalf of another person, as well as in relation to peace and justice, and the healing of the earth and human communities, local and national.

Healing ministry is usually offered during 10.45am Holy Communion services on the 4th Sunday of the month. Members of the healing fellowship are available to pray with you in the side chapels after communion.