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All Saints Church, Writtle

The shape of things at church in Autumn

The Church will be open again for Sunday Worship from Sunday 6 Sept, at 10am.

YouTube services live streamed - Sundays at 8am, Holy Communion & Thursdays at 10am, Morning Prayer and reading from my Journal.

Private Prayer in church during the week has now ended.


In church there will be social distancing and face coverings required by everyone, and there will be a fact sheet showing how things will work at this stage. The fact sheet will be on the pews, so please ensure you read and understand what the new way of doing things in church is.

It will feel different for a while, so please come with all the grace you've got and we'll work at it together. We're doing all that we can to make things as safe as possible, and simply ask that you help us with that.

I hope you can join us at some point.
With every blessing to you all,
Rev Tony