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All Saints Church, Writtle


It’s been a year of the big Traditions and Community Events being cancelled and we all feel the loss of them. But this Christmas the Song of Love from God to all will be heard in our homes instead of our churches. The technological marvels of telephone and internet will help keep us connected to some degree to those we love and miss. And in the silence of your own hearts listen for the cry of the tiny babe who calls to you and tells you that you are known and loved by the God who took the risk to become like one of us.

Our online service schedule is as follows. Here’s the link to our Youtube channel

There is a host of other online services that you can access too, that will be well produced with music and carols and all the trimmings – something that we just can’t offer in our small setup I’m afraid.

Online and broadcast worship over Christmas

We recognise that moving to online worship will be difficult for some of our churches over the Christmas period so have set out a number of links to worship that you may wish to share in your parish communications.

    22 December, 2pm - Carols for Kids at Chelmsford Cathedral- Facebook, YouTube
    24 December, 3pm - A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols – BBC Radio 4
    24 December, 5.30pm - Midnight Mass at Chelmsford Cathedral – Facebook, YouTube
    24 December, 5.30pm - Carols from Kings BBC2
    24 December, 11.30pm – Midnight Mass with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Dover (watch online)
    25 December, 10.30am - Christmas Day Eucharist at Chelmsford Cathedral- Facebook, YouTube
    27 December, 8.10am - Sunday Worship from Canterbury Cathedral with the Archbishop of Canterbury, BBC Radio 4
    27 December, 9am - Church of England service with the Church Army and featuring Bishop Guli (watch online)
    27 December, 10.30am - Chelmsford Cathedral online service, Facebook, YouTube
    3 January, 9am - Church of England Epiphany service with Embrace the Middle East (watch online)
    3 January 10.30am - Chelmsford Cathedral Eucharist Facebook, YouTube

God bless and keep you this Christmas, and I wish you every blessing as we look in faith and hope into the New Year.

Rev Tony