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A wide range of different experiences of loss trigger the bereavement journey; for example the death of a person, the end of a relationship, or the loss of home / livelihood.

We each react to any kind of loss in ways that are uniquely personal. In each situation, grieving and bereavement will follow and this becomes a journey that the church can accompany you on. The ministers, both ordained and lay, at All Saints’, Writtle can help and support you through this difficult time. The church building is open everyday for quiet reflection and/or to have a conversation with a member of the Ministry Team. Please do contact us.


In the case of a loss through death, the Bible asks us to view death as a bridge to something better, John chapter14 verse2.

Normally it is the next of kin that plans the funeral and they should contact a Funeral Director. They will invite you to visit their office or would come to your home to discuss with the family what your wishes are. (Some people will have left instructions for what they would like). If the person who has died lived in the parish of Writtle or was connected to the church, the Funeral Directors will contact us on your behalf.

The funeral can take place at the church followed by a cremation or burial elsewhere, or can take place at a crematorium. A memorial/thanksgiving service can take place at a later date in the church. Ashes may be place in the Garden of Remembrance. Once a time and date has been agreed, the Minister will arrange to meet you and agree the details of the service.

A useful website is

A funeral service, cremation or thanksgiving service offers the formal ritual needed in which ‘goodbyes’ can be said. Talking about the joys as well as the pain can provide a healing conversation. As Christians we do not see death as the end. Those we have know in this world have left to continue their lives elsewhere. As a church, we are here for you today, tomorrow and for the future.


Whilst there are no unreserved plots in our churchyard, burials of loved ones may still be possible where when an existing family grave was purchased for two people and the it will accommodate a second coffin.

Our churchyard has a Garden of Remembrance and ashes can be interred there by arrangement. This information sheet describes the Garden and how it can be used.